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01 february 2016

«Creative Group» has created a website osala.ru

We are pleased to welcome you to osala.ru - yet another creative product of the studio «Creative Group». At the moment, our company offers a wide range of services for the development of Internet projects. The main activities of the studio is the creation and promotion of web-sites, logo design and corporate identity, print and technical design. Depending on customer needs, we offer both integrated solutions and individual development.

Creation of web-sites - the main direction of the studio «Creative Group» Vladivostok

Studio «Creative Group» offers you a range of services for the creation and maintenance of web-sites of varying complexity. Create web-site - it is an effective marketing tool that provides the necessary information increases the demand for a specific product, or decide on the provision of certain services to the target audience.

Web-site will be developed on the basis of content management system (CMS), thereby changing the information on the site and its structure will be possible without special knowledge in the field of Internet technology. Content management system will be configured to the specific functional requirements.

To order the works to create a web-site, click the link and fill out a short brief.

Order creating corporate identity and website design to «Creative Group»

Studio «Creative Group» offers its services in the field of corporate identity. A high-quality and well-used in the activities of any company's corporate identity speaks of its owner's confidence in the positive impression that he is able to produce on the consumer, as well as indirect evidence in favor of high status, reliability and good reputation of the company.

Depending on your needs, we offer both a comprehensive development of corporate identity, and the creation of some of its elements, logo design, restyling existing corporate identity, brand book drawing. The cost of developing the corporate identity of the company is 7,000 rubles. The total cost of development is determined after a detailed review and approval of all matters.

If you need a corporate identity, or other services on web design and maintenance, please contact the studio «Creative Group» for help.

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