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Shipping company Sinokor Merchant Marine

24 december 2015
Shipping company Sinokor Merchant Marine (Sinokor) opened the first shipping line between Korea and China in 1989, three years before between the countries established diplomatic relations. These services of container lines have played an important role in strengthening economic cooperation and the normalization of relations between the two countries. The creation in 1998 of the first direct flights between the ports of Ulsan and Quanyang in Korea and Chinese ports will significantly reduce logistics costs for basic commodities import and export Korea, and also provided new routes to meet the export requirements of customers. This, in turn, has led to shorter delivery times and better service overall.

Subsequently, in 2001, Sinokor Merchant Marine has expanded its services, launching on container traffic from the port the West coast of Korea, the port Pancake in China ports: Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian.

In 2008, Sinokor started handling bulk vessels for transporting bulk and break-bulk cargoes such as grain, coal, ore, cement and became the first company in the world that has converted the VLCC (very large crude oil carriers with a deadweight of 260 thousand tons) into a VLOC (very large ore carrier). Since then the fleet has expanded considerably, and now includes ships of the type "Capesize" load capacity of 150 thousand tons, as well as "Panamax", the court, limited in size to pass through the Panama canal.

Route line Sinokor Merchant Marine

Sinokor container line covers all major ports in Southeast Asia, serving more than 60 ports in twenty countries, providing services of sea transportation to and from the ports of such countries as: China, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

Route map of Sinokor Merchant Marine

Sinokor the company is based in Seoul, South Korea, with 34 offices around the world.

Sinokor company also provides overland transportation, multi modal container transport, warehousing and logistics services, and has contracts for the transport of ore, grain, coal and minerals, with major companies around the world.

In the operational management line Sinokor there are about 50 ships and 80,000 containers, of which about 2,000 reefer containers. The company is in the top 50 largest container carriers in the world

The property lines are Sinokor different container for transportation of various cargoes. The company also specializes in handling heavy and oversized cargo. Line offers the best service reefer container transportation between Korea, Japan, China. To provide effective transportation services, the property company are specialized containers (20-foot reefer containers 40 foot reefer containers), and equipment (generator set, etc.), used 24-hour monitoring system of the entire transit process. To ensure full protection of products from customers, introduced a system emergency network to cope with any emergency, but also the maintenance of all records of transportation.

Also in the property lines of Sinokor has the type container "open top" (open top container: suitable for goods of non-standard sizes), and "flat rack" (a container for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes).

The company Sinokor Merchant Marine makes every effort to provide its customers with the best service and continuously improving management of the supply system.

About the effectiveness of the company Sinokor evidenced by its economic performance, see table.

Table profitability of Sinokor

It is worth noting that since 2006 the company's net income is steadily growing, with over 5 years of operation net profit of open company "Sinokor" increased more than 40 times.